A bird window feeder is a great way to see watch beautiful birds and listen to their sweet melodious chirping. It allows you to observe zucchini noodle maker nature at its finest point, helping you relieve stress and anxiety. Sturdiness of Hook – Make sure to check the sturdiness of the bird feeder pole, branch, or hook where you will hang the feeder.

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  • Not only do the birds benefit hugely from the extra nutritional support, but they are also lovely creatures to watch.
  • They can be nailed or tied to a tree trunk, suspended, or affixed to the side of a hopper feeder.
  • Therefore, really the reason to feed birds is to attract them to your yard and enjoy their beauty and antics.
  • This type of window bird feeder is ideal for houses with glass windows or panels.
  • It’s not that important, we are just trying to feed birds, not solve the World’s problems.

Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request shipping to your location. I have found that several feeders plus a variety of foods pretty much takes care of everybody. I add unshelled peanuts to the bird table and then I call for them with “big blues come on big blues get your peanuts” and here they come. Has anyone been able to protect feeders from flying squirrels? Even with them being feet away from trees and hanging suspended, they can still launch themselves onto the feeders.

Feeder placement is yet another essential factor to consider, and you need to buy the right size and design of the bird feeder for proper placement. Before you go ahead and buy any bird feeder just because you like it, focus on the kind of birds you are likely to have as visitors. The kind of birds will determine the size of the feeder.

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We have a Porthole feeder, so thought we’d try this on another window. I bought this as I live on 3rd floor of a block of flats but wanted to help feed the little birds who perched in some nearby trees but were often overshadowed by crows. Good value for money, sticks perfectly well to the window. We are glad to hear you have enjoyed using this product.

Free Diy Birdhouse Plans Built For $3

Also, the price is a bit more than the average window feeders. The sliding seed tray also makes this product so easy to fill and clean. Certainly, such chore is a good way to train kids to love nature and take care of birds. If you are buying the bird feeder for the first time, you may go for Squirrel Buster Standard. If not that, you can also opt for squirrel-proof feeders from Brome. The rest of the feeders mentioned feature high quality and extreme durability, ensuring to serve you for years.

How To Have Success With Window Feeders

Birds Choice clearly did well designing a feeder that is perfect for woodpeckers and other suet-based birds. Birds Choice manufactures bird houses according to specifications that will produce the most healthy fledglings. Predator guards, ventilation and drainage are all important in the design of Birds Choice bird houses. This is to ensure the feeder has hung safely away from predators, especially pests like squirrels that are attracted to suet. Here are tips to guide you in your decision to purchase a suet feeder. However, the feeder has to be strategically hung to prevent predators like squirrels that are also attracted to suet.

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The sturdy build and double side cage allow multiple birds to enjoy the nutritious suet on both sides at once. All you need to turn your yard into a hot zone of woodpeckers is a quality suet feeder. We do have a ground platform where the squirrels and chipmunks can nibble on the bird seed along with the mourning doves, sparrows, etc. I have always made sure that they have convenient places to feed at base of tree or fence posts.

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This window mounted bird feeder has a rain-proof curved roof and side walls providing a fully enclosed area protecting the birds so they can feed in any weather condition. By mounting one or two of these in any place in your house, you can be guaranteed to see a spectacular nature show every day. In addition, you won’t need to go to a place such as public parks and forests where birds naturally flock just to see them. All you need to do is to regularly fill the feeders with seeds and water daily. It can also hold the weight of the whole bird feeder plus the 8-ounce nectar easily.

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It’s interesting to learn that there is such a thing as a Nature Window Feeder that can be attached to the kitchen window. These are great choices, but I am hoping that I’ll find a feeder that has more designs in it. This one requires careful planning and if possible, calculation. Take the measurement of the spaces available from all sides of the window feeder.

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